Old Wiring Could Be Behind Your Walls

There’s one problem that could be lurking in your Compton home right now. That would be old residential wiring behind the walls of your home. Compton has a lot of older homes and they could have old wiring that was not designed to handle the currents and amounts of electricity that is demanded by modern appliances. That’s why if you need a house rewire you should call My Compton Electrician Hero.

Things to Look For

If you have electrical sockets that only have two holes and have to use three-prong adapters, then you have old residential wiring. That means your house is not grounded and that can create a hazard for you and your family as there is a high risk of electrical shock.

There are older residential wiring methods that were used, but can no longer keep up with today’s demand. Knob and tube wiring, for example, was a popular method at one time and they can be damaged easily since components were made of ceramic. Cloth wrapped wires or aluminum wires were also used and they can all create a fire hazard.

Experts in Home Rewiring

We are home rewiring experts. We come in with our licensed, bonded, insured, friendly and honest electricians in Compton and can determine if your home needs total rewiring. We can do it at a  low, affordable, price and we have methods of doing it that leave you with a positive feeling.

We Won’t Put You in the Dark

It can take a few weeks to completely rewire a home. However, you will not have to move into a hotel or sit in the dark during that time. We can rewire your home one room at a time.

We also don’t need to tear down the walls of your Compton home. We work by drilling small holes in the wall, removing the old wiring behind the walls, and feeding the new wires behind them, as well.

Call for an Estimate

Call us today and get a free estimate. Costs can very depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the job. So, call today for friendly home rewiring  in Compton, CA!